Can You Invest in Elon Musk’s Neuralink? (Updated 2024)

In recent weeks, Elon Musk’s Neuralink has captured the public’s attention and imagination with its futuristic vision of connecting the human brain to computers. As Neuralink, which is registered as a medical research company, continues to make strides, investors are wondering how to get a piece of the action by investing in the neurotechnology venture. […]Read More

Eskay Mining and P2 Gold Agree to Merge, Focus on

Eskay Mining (TSXV:ESK,OTCQX:ESKYF) announced plans to combine with P2 Gold (TSXV:PGLD,OTCQB:PGLDF) on Tuesday (June 4) in a move it says will create a new entity focused on gold and copper exploration. The non-binding letter of intent entered by the two companies outlines a deal through which Eskay will acquire all outstanding P2 Gold shares at […]Read More

Bad economic news has been good for stocks, but that

Bad economic news so far has been mostly positive for the stock market, as investors worry over whether the Federal Reserve will start cutting interest rates. There’s a danger, though, of overdoing it, where too much bad news could signal a significant downturn and even recession ahead. That’s the dilemma the market finds itself in […]Read More

Nvidia passes Apple in market cap as second-most valuable public

Nvidia passed Apple in market cap on Wednesday as investors continue betting on the chipmaker behind the artificial intelligence boom. It is now the second-most valuable public company, behind Microsoft. Nvidia also hit a $3 trillion market cap milestone on Wednesday after shares rose over 5%. At market close, Nvidia had a market value of $3.019 trillion, versus Apple’s, which stood at $2.99 […]Read More

Electric air taxi maker Archer Aviation gets key FAA sign-off

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted Archer Aviation a key certification that gets the electric air taxi maker closer to eventually flying travelers, the company said Wednesday. Archer is making electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, or eVTOLs, and won orders and backing in 2021 from United Airlines, which says the new technology could reduce carbon emissions. Carriers have been […]Read More

Big Mac battle: McDonald’s loses burger trademark for E.U. in

A top European Union court said Wednesday that McDonald’s has lost its Big Mac trademark in the 27-nation bloc, ruling in favor of Irish fast food rival Supermac’s in a longrunning legal battle. The EU General Court said in its judgement that the U.S. fast food giant failed to prove that it was genuinely using […]Read More

Walmart rolls out new training programs for skilled trades as

Walmart on Wednesday said it will offer new training programs and certifications to fill high-demand roles across its business, such as HVAC technicians, opticians and software engineers. The big-box retailer said it will also offer another reason for hourly store workers to stick around: a bonus of up to $1,000 per year. Walmart, the nation’s largest private […]Read More

Alito’s account of the upside-down flag doesn’t fully add up.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. has offered multiple accounts of how politically charged flags came to fly outside his homes in Virginia and New Jersey — the type of display that is generally off-limits for judges, who must remain impartial and avoid even the appearance of bias as they handle cases. Since the […]Read More

Senate Republicans likely to reject making contraception a federal right

The Senate is expected to vote down a bill Wednesday that would create a federal right to contraception access after many Republicans said they oppose the legislation as unnecessary and government overreach. The Democratic bill — intended to put Republicans on the spot in an election year on their unpopular positions on reproductive rights — […]Read More

A new poll shows why to be skeptical of voters

The central political question of the guilty verdict handed down at Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan is the same question that comes up whenever nearly anything else happens: Does this shift the trajectory of a remarkably static presidential race? Immediately after the verdict, Trump touted a poll in which he claimed to have seen […]Read More